Also known as the Whores Guild, the organisation officially titled The Velveteen is responsible for catering to the vices of those who can pay. They are also responsible for the cultivation of high quality (and quantity) herbs and fungi; most well known is their opium and their Devil's weed as hookahs filled with the two are always available within the guild's curtains. The Officers of the Velveteen are by location when large enough to support such roles. These are the roles of the Madame and of the Thresher. The madame's responibilities are to ensure the guild's continued presence in whatever area the outpost occupies. Whether this is by creative bribery, services, or blackmail, a madame must ensure the ability to openly procure patrons. The Thresher is a bouncer and an errand boy/gal/whatever. Even a whore needs snacks.

Some members are known to travel with caravans; some with adventuring parties; others try their hands at political gaming in the old portal cities. What unites members of the Velveteen is that they are their own and theirs alone.

Rules of the guild:

  1. Members must work for two standard cycles in the gardens part time before becoming fully vetted.
  2. Always have a contract signed before any services are rendered.
  3. There are to be no contracts lasting longer than three lesser cycles.
  4. You may say "no", but open disdain for eclectic tastes is unwelcome in members. Comfort is what we sell.

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