The dread combine is a guild in the Outlands who claim New Sigil as their home. It is also know to many as the Necromancer's guild, as it has been known to readily accept such members.

The chief responsibilities of the combine are securing trade routes, regulating the slave trade, and the registry of mages.

The Official positions of the guild are that of the Task Master and that of the Magi. These positions are remnants of the guilds that merged to form the Combine (the Mage's and the Slavers). The office of the Magi is no elected but is earned either by winning a duel against the current Magi or by being chosen to be next in succession by the current Magi (once chosen is no longer able to challenge the currrent). The chief responsibilities of the Magi are to hunt down those that threaten or have caused harm to a member or the organisation in general and to mediate relations with other guilds. The office of the Taskmaster is elected by a council of peers. The chief responsibilities are to Maintain the guild headquarters and records, to instruct and choose initiates, to call councils, and to maintain a guard populace (usually comprised of thralls donated by perspective members or raised bodies of those slain by members). The length of the term of office is dictated by traditions from the Slaver's Guild. The Taskmaster maintains their office only as long as their chosen main thrall (at time of election to office) is kept alive).

All members have a magic brand upon themselves which records their memories from the moment of brand on. It also can be used by the Taskmaster or the Magi to locate or summon. The mark darkens over time.



  1. No member may harm another member except in formal challenge.
  2. A challenger must give the challengee one lesser cycle (thirty six hours-ish) to prepare themselves and to aquaint themselves to the terms of the challenge. All terms of the challenge must be accomplishable by both parties. Ie. No swimming challenges for a fire elemental
  3. Always absorb the knowledge of a defeated member. Knowledge is not to be wasted.
  4. Upon initiation ALL members receive a magic brand upon one of their extremities. This is usually the one most visible. It is placed by the current Taskmaster.
  5. All artifacts, sources of knowledge, or slaves that are not to be used by the acquirer are to be brought to the guild quarters for offering. And no. Do not bring in rings of useless ability +1. This is a guild of knowledge and honour, not of wasting the Taskmaster's time. (looking at you Gneltess Glittergold)
  6. Always give the option of servitude when able. There is always a muck pile that needs shoveling.

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